“When we teach our children to be kind, caring, and respectful to animals, we are planting the seeds of empathy, compassion, and responsibility that will grow into the foundation of a more humane society”

All About Animals (MAPA Mini Camp)

The kids love the week long class through the Montrose Recreation District centering on animal care and kindness.

MAPA Adult classes

Ask The Vet!
(Adult Class Series)

Everyone loves our Ask The Vet class which is part of our adult class series held at the Montrose Animal Shelter during the winter.


Library Book Donation
(Public and Private)

Our elementary school libraries (both public and private) and the Montrose County library receive a humane themed book each year.

Be Kind Magazine

Be Kind Magazine
(For 4th Grade Classes)

Every 4th grade class, both public and private, and Montrose County Library, receive 5 editions per school year.