Our Vision

By financially assisting owners through a spay and neuter program and by engaging in educational outreach, we endeavor to reduce animal homelessness, improve animal welfare, relieve stress on the rescue/shelter system, and create a more compassionate society for the care of all animals.

Our Spay And Neuter Voucher Program

To qualify for financial assistance to help pay for spay and neuter procedures for your dog and/or cat:
1. Households must reside in Montrose County
2. Households must earn $40,000 or less annually
3. The cat or dog must be an owned pet

Feel free to contact any of the veterinarian partners listed below to discuss their fees, MAPA’s contribution and schedule an appointment.

Our Veterinarian Partners

San Juan Veterinary Clinic

822 Spring Creek Rd
Montrose, CO 81403

Alta Vista Animal Hospital

1845 E. Main St
Montrose, CO 81401

San Miguel Veterinary Clinic*

40775 SH-145
Norwood, CO 81423

*If the owner and pet(s) live in Montrose County, they may take their pet to SMVC for the procedure. The voucher must show a Montrose County address and be verifiable. 

Black Canyon Vet Clinic

1401 E. Main St
Montrose, CO 81401

Western Slope Animal Hospital

7478 6075 Rd
Olathe, CO 81425

Moab Veterinary Clinic*

4575 Spanish Valley Drive
Moab, UT 84532

Call to signup for a clinic*

*Moab Veterinary Clinic provides clinics in the Naturita and Nucla area a few times a year.  If the owner and pet lives in Montrose County, they may utilize these spay/neuter clinics provided by Moab Vet Clinic.  The voucher must show a Montrose County address and be verifiable.

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